It occurred to me this week, as my son excitedly picked up our latest box delivered from Amazon, that one reason for the company’s success is the universal human joy in receiving packages. Those of us in ESG know about the eco-horror of mailing so many products individually, but it’s hard to hold onto that awareness in the presence of a brown cardboard box that could hold all sorts of delightful surprises. True, it could also just be Band-Aids or shampoo, but who knows? That feeling of possibility was memorialized in a song in the classic musical, The Music Man, in which the people of a small town rejoice at the coming of a deliveryman from another now-infamous firm, singing “The Wells Fargo Wagon is a-Coming to Town.” (It makes me think the musical did a lot to burnish the reputation of that bank, at least for an older generation, and insulate it from the effect of its current-day sins. ) It’s yet another example of how complex our mass consciousness is, and how difficult to change. We know the odds are that any given package is something ordinary, or intended for someone else in the house. But at the same time “it could be something special–very special–just for me.”