Today I am remembering a young Native American man I met many years ago who, without using the word “trans” or any other descriptor of gender or sexual orientation, told me about the year he spent dressing and living as a woman. His two key takeaways have always stayed with me. One, that it was much more expensive to dress as a woman; the dry cleaning bills were a major reason he went back to dressing as a man! Second, that women are more welcoming to each other than they are to men or that men are to each other. He said that living as a man, he might go through the whole day without anyone making eye contact with him or smiling at him, while women do both with each other reflexively, even if they are strangers in a public place. I have found that to be largely true (although it is most reliably so if the women concerned are also homogenous as to obvious markers of race or class). How lonely men must be, I thought, and still often think. I feel fortunate, sexism notwithstanding, to be female in this world.