“Meta-Oreos?” my husband asked, as my son held out the package to him. “No, MEGA,” was the answer, of course. They’re just Oreos with twice the cream filing. But my family’s been so exposed to me rattling on about philosophy and psychoanalysis that it almost seems, in our house, that there could be a market for snack foods that make you think. They’d have to be super-tasty, of course: one of my touchstones is the brilliant Onion article, now nearly two decades old, about Funyuns Still Outselling Responsibilityuns.   But imagine if each cookie came with a little slip of paper, like a fortune cookie, that referred to a great thinker and gave you a link to Wiki, or the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, where you could learn more.  They could say things like, “Ever wonder if we’re really in the Matrix?  Plato thought about that with his Parable of the Cave.”  Or “Think the country’s going down the tubes?  It’s just one state of affairs developing to its logical extreme before it combines with opposing forces into something entirely new.  Hegel called it the dialectic.”  My kids, of course, think I’m nuts. But I think any day now, people will get sick of cat pictures and video games and realize they crave something deep.  When that happens, I’ll be here to show the way.