As my tweens and I were trying to motivate to clean the house today, I called up key dance tunes from my youth.   One was Madonna’s Material Girl, whose video version, I realized only today, is a complete homage to Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.  Watching it I thought about what media scholars have long said about the unpredictability of reception of cultural texts.  Madonna’s song, like Marilyn’s, exalts money over love, and shows women using sex appeal to get it.  Any self-respecting feminist, one might think, couldn’t be a fan. But for me, and I imagine for millions of others, these songs are also fantasies of female power—oh, to be that gorgeous, that confident, and that desired!  And Madonna’s, I remember, brought things to a sly and celebratory peak that as a college student, I especially loved.  After a whole song about men and their monetary value, she declared herself independent from them.  “Boys may come and boys may go/But that’s all right with me/Experience has made me rich/And now they’re after me.”