by Kimberly Gladman Jackson


Praise for Materfamilias from:


Arianna Huffington:

“Materfamilias is a brave, thought-provoking, moving collection of poems. Kimberly Gladman Jackson charts her inner journey as a woman, wife, and mother, and engages our senses with the way she experiences the world around her. The personal indeed becomes universal in the hands of this gifted poet.”

Deepak Chopra:

“These poems speak to the soul’s longing to return to wholeness where all healing occurs.”

Nell Minow, The MovieMom™:

“Kimberly Gladman Jackson’s poems bloom with insight, lyricism, and a shining purity of spirit. They deserve to be read aloud, whether shared with others or enjoyed in solitude, to appreciate the beauty of the language. And they deserve to be read in quiet reflection, more than once, to appreciate the quiet wisdom of her illuminating observations.”