A psychoanalyst whose work I admire once said it’s a good idea, every now and then, to write up what you believe.  So here goes, with the awareness that nothing here is unique or new.

  1.  I believe the world is composed at its most fundamental level of mind or consciousness, in the way that Buddhism and many indigenous people’s philosophies have described, and that consequently, all things and all people are connected.
  2. Language is one of the forms that consciousness takes, in the brains of human beings (and probably at least some other animals).  Speech and writing are its audible and visible forms.
  3. Indigenous languages are the most complex and sophisticated at “clothing” thought.  As human beings move away from understanding themselves as an integral part of the whole of nature/reality, language grows simpler and weaker.
  4. In the twentieth century, specialized language was developed for special types of intellectual inquiry, whose discourses became mutually unintelligible.  (Wittgenstein, whom I’ve been reading lately and have written about before, was part of the last major effort to keep dialogue open between quantitative and qualitative thinkers, and among the fields of math, economics, and philosophy, broadly construed.  He was not successful.)
  5. The internet and social media could in theory be tools to reverse these trends, because they make communication easier than ever before.  People could use these tools to  think things through carefully and collaboratively, and solve many of the practical problems of our world.
  6. However, this seems unlikely to happen.
  7. Therefore, there seems to be little point in writing.