Jane Eyre: An Autobiography

by KG Jackson


When 18-year-old Jane Eyre graduates from a charity school for poor girls and goes to work for wealthy Edward Rochester, she discovers a man who is brilliant, dominating, and attractive. Inexperienced, sheltered Jane is surprised to realize she wants this man and, despite signs he has a troubled past, finds herself dying to get close to him.

Captivated by Jane's unique beauty, sparkling wit, and independent will, Rochester realizes she's the woman he's been seeking all his life—and he yearns to possess her, body and soul.

But it's not that easy.

In England in the 1800s, sex outside of marriage would ruin both their reputations, and men as rich as he is are supposed to marry within their own class.

Shocked yet thrilled by Rochester's strong need to be in control, Jane hesitates.

She can see that for all his wealth and power—the multiple mansions, the world travel, the aristocratic house parties where his charisma shines—he's tormented by inner demons, suffering in a way that only a soulmate's love can cure.

When the couple begins a daring, passionate romance of hearts and minds, Jane discovers Edward Rochester’s secrets, and explores her own desires.

Jane Eyre is the original sex-positive smart girl. First created by Charlotte Bronte in 1847, she's been loved by generations of women who agree that brains and lust can co-exist. In this modern retelling of her story, key parts of Bronte's text are adapted to be accessible to current-day readers, while the erotic dimension of Jane's life is highlighted by the addition of new scenes.

A discussion guide for book groups is included, making this edition a great way to explore a classic story with friends.